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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  February 3, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> charlie: welcome to our program. we begin tonight with a super bowl preview. >> either the patriots or the giants is going to come out of this with the fourth super bowl in 25e7 team history. that moves you into high cotton in the national football league. that means three teams ever won more the steelerand the cowboys -- it ties you with the green bay packers. >> ely manning has taken steps and developed him inteef the top quarterback of the league. clearly there was a debate about that in the past. the fact we're talk big ely manning in that breadth tells you how much his reputation has grown. to me is the greatest quarterback ever played in new york. the most productive who ever played in new york and you're
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starting to hear he people say is ely manning in the shame category at his brother peyton. >> charlie: e conclude with the prime minister of cutter hamad bin jassim bin jabr al-thani what do you think it will take. >> i think if he listens to his heart and his brain that these people are his people, the seniosear -- syrian power. if the people don't want you to have pow you cannot rule with their bodies in the ground. i wod hate to be in his position to rulen thisind of situation. the most important is that he has to realize that the people want something. and he has to find a way to give them what they want in the
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moment. right now unfortunately that's not happening. >> charlie: a super bowl preview and a look at the u.n. debate throughhe eyes of the prime minister of cutter.
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captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> charlie: a super bowl championship will be crowned on sunday when the new york giants and the new england patriots face-off at the stadium in indianapolis, it is a rematch from four years ago when the giants beat the patriots in dramatic fashion. this year's game have these questions. can the pandem win for the fourth time and solidify new england's place among the great dynasties or they pass rush.
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say the game could wind up being the most watched program in television history. joining me from indianapolis, mike la lupica. and adam schefter. he has 1.2 million people who follow h on twitter. i am pleased have both of them at this table. welcome. >> thanks, charlie. >> charlie: pleasure. mike let me begin with you. you've been writing this is the dream match up, one ofhe all time great contest in sports like ali frazier whether it's basketball or football or boxing or tennis that this is one of those. tell me why. >> because of the first game. because four years ago the giants on one of those under dog runs that will always be remembered in new york sports knocked the patriots off when they were 18-0 and trying to have what would have gone down
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as the greatest season in the history ofrofessional sports the first 19-0 ever. get idid it to belichick, did io brady. to get on this roll again from seven and seven it's like if -- back in the day. but charlie, the oddest thing has happened, even though the giants are technically still the under dog. they're being treated like overdogs here. >> charlie: really. >> i wrote a column today, if you've been reading the new york papers, you get the idea that about 6:15 on sunday night, belichick will be begging brady to come out of his lark and he will be saying -- locker and he will be saying no no coach, i've been reading the tabloids and we don't have a chance. >> charlie: they treat it like a coronation. >> it's pretty unbelievable. >> charlie: so adam, how do you see this. tell me the important match ups. i mentioned a couple of them, not five. >> michael and i have talked a great deal about this and i think when you look at the
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unique patots, thnewengland patw things they have going for them in their favor. number one the last time they lost to the giants was the second straight time. you tell me the giants are going to beat belichick and brady a third time. they might do that. the patriots this post season have lost more turnovers. at some point those breaks turn and it's bound to turn to new england's way. you can't dismiss the fact that patch they wear on their uniforms, the mhk in honor of the widow of robert craft, she's been an inspiration to so many patriot players throughout the course of the season and i believe her memory will motivate the patriots on sunday to play one of the more inspierg games they've played in recently memory. >> charlie: bob kraft is a wonderful man and that affair was extraordinary. you could see the sadness in his
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face months ter her death. tell me about the motivation on the part of the giants to match that kind of motivation, that kind of spirit. i saw where belichick had a 30-minute half time kind of duration in order to prepare them for a game-like circumstances. >> they had the odd sanes. they start out six and two lose five out of the next six games and they are where they are after having been 7-7 in december. either the patriots or giants is going to come out this game with the fourth super bowl in team history. that moves you into high cotton in the national football league. only three steals have won more, the steelers, the '49ers and cowboys. it ties you with the green bay packers. but i think that the giants, it's odd. they're still trying to play us against the world under dog mentality, even if they had one of their players today chris tell giants fans to get ready for a parade on tuesday. so you can't have it both ways.
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and i was saying to adam coming over here today that this is the worst time for the giants to start acting like the jets, you know what i mean,charlie. >> charlie: yes, i know. >> and act like they're going to talk their way to the lum lombai trophy. >> as charlie mentioned bill belichick during practice on wednesday, what he does is he has the team go out there for an hour they go through practice like it's the opening half of the super bowl and he sends them into the locker rm at half time wch i don't believe any other coach in sure bowl history has ever done and they sit there for 31 minutes which will be the length of the half time show on sunday talk big howhey're going to adjust in the second half of the practice the way they'll have to adjust to e second half of the super bowl. they go out, they finish the practice. they stimulate the game conditions that they will be in and that is an example of the thought that these patriots put into the game. and how much it means to them to go out there and win one of those game that you're talking
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about cements their legacy as one of the great teams in football history. >> charlie: go ahead mike. >> don't you find, you follow sports and you certainly have followed this game. i do believe the run-up does make the most anticipated super boamplet the dismissive way tom brady is being treated is pretty amazing to me a guy who could win a fourth super bowl and go with montana and broad shaw as the only quarterback. now i hear he's a fading star in a year where he threw for 5,000 yards and adam will agree with me, probably had to do more for the patriots than he did in yes when he won the previous super bowls. >> this is a different patriot attack. that's how they were able to get to the pocket. that's the giant's pass rush. they have to get brady off his
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mark. the thing about tom bradyow this is a much shorter passing game. he's getting rid of that ball quick. he's got the two i'd ends. rob is going to play on sunday. he's got the receivers. he's going to be getting rid of the ball. the giants are going to get him. they have a great pass rus they have to do it real quick. >> charlie: how about the giants linebackers, adam what do you think of them. >> i think that all year long you've had tie ends that have had great success against the giants and if they're going to concentrate on taking away one aspect of the patriots game somehow tightnd have been able to exploit the linebackers. the giants have this great tradition of great linebackers. this is not the same group of linebackers we've seen in the past with carl banks and lawrence failure an taylor and e working for epsn -- if there's an area that the giants are vulnerable on defense, it is that linebacker and that's why their pass rush is so important on sunday. >> charlie: mike some people
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suggest that the patriots defensive line has got i better, that they have been, they've had a bad beginning of the year but they've gotten much better recently. do you buy that? >> i think they absolutely are still playing charlie because the defense carried them in the afc championshipame. i think brady had a so-so game and i think, listen when they were scoring a lot of points earlier in the season, a lot of times those defensive numbers get skewed because they're willing to give up yards because they're wayahead. now is the season has gone on, i've actually seen the patriots defense improve and i think that they have a chance to put some real pressure on ely manning, on sunday. i'm not sure that this game is going to be the big track meet that everybody thinks it is. >> charlie: so, do you believe that manning will be able to show the mobilit that he has and avoid that rush somehow? >> well you know it's funny, charlie. i went back the other night and
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it's the first time i watched the winning drive from glendale, ears, sincarizona since i watch. that cemented whatever legend ely is forcing with the giants. the drive, adam and i were talking about this today, it was like a fire drill. he's throwing wild right. he gets the luckiest catchn the history of organized sports in america. and they're hanging on by their fingernails andy finally throws the pass. one of the things that's been awamazing up to this game is, people act like ely and the giants kick the patriots bust in the game four years awe -- butts in the game four years ago in november and they won because their quarterback had the ball last. do you know what charlie i actually think on sunday whichever team has the ball last is going to win the super bowl. >> charlie: go ahead. >> too back to that super bow charily, the amazing part of that pass that mike is talking about which is to me the
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greatest play in sure bowl history is one play of four. ely manning rolls out, throws a pass along the sideline that t patriots cornerback goes up to catch. samuel had picked off 16 passes. the interception goes into his hands and out of his hands. if he holds on to that interception, the game is over. the patriots win. they become the first team to go 19-0, and this week, we're talking about brady already being the greatest quarterback of all time and how ely manning has the pressure on him to prove that he can finally break through and win the big one. all because samuelropped an interception. >> charlie: but are you telling me that if ely manning has the game of his life and the giants win, it will not elevate him to a place close to brady or does he have to win four in order to be there? >> well, he's not at the brady level yet but ely manning has taken major steps and developed himself into one of the top
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quarterbacks in the league. clearly there was a bate about that in the past. the fact we're talking about ely manning in that breadth tells you how much his reputation has grown. to me, he's already maybe the greatest quarterback whose ever played in new york. you compare the numbers. showing the most productive whose ever played in new york and now you're starting to hear people say well is ely manning even in the same category as his brother peyton who is a sure fire halof failure. y manning has gotten some respect. the more super bowls you win the more respect you get the more people talk but. ely already has taken some steps to becoming basically one of the top quarterbacks in the nfl. >> charlie: what about the giants running game, mike, though. if they can get a score too on the board and keep brady out of the game, it's game for the giants. >> you know, going into a game, charlie, you're absolutely right. going into a game like this, especially with two high level quarterbacks like this, sometimes you ignore the running game. and i believe that you're absolutely right about the giants' running game.
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i think rung the ball i runninge important to the giants than the patriots. you'll see a whole lot of no huddle from tom brady. it's going to be like an old fashion west coast, they're going to use short passes as their running game and try to run the clock that way. on bradshaw's foot is once again an issue. his foot might be as much an issue as ground coul growski's . broad shaw is a huge fish on sunday's game. >> charlie: if the giants win how do you measure in terms of the history of the nfl their recovery from the season they were having early. you did a great turn around. >> oh, yes. we talked about them that way four years ago and there were ten and six going into the play-offs. if they come back from seven and seven. they've had match point against them since they played the jets on christmas eve and got saved
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on a 99 yard touch down running catch with ely manning and victor cruz. this, i thought four years ago, i think you and i talked about this. i thought it w the greatestnding that any new york team has ever had that includes the yankees the mets, any of that, okay. nobody's supposed to get a second run like this. if they do it again, they will go down as one of the most storied teams in the history of new york sports. >> you bring up the 99 yard play from victor cruz. i go back one game before that. it was tony row mo romo has ausn field. the cowboys win that game, the jienl don't make the play-offs and we're not talking about whether or not this is one of the greatest runs we've seen in nfl history. they were that close to being eliminated so many different times during the season and they battled through, they're in the spot. >> charlie: a couple more points. one, the coaching match pop. doesn't tom brock deserve what
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he's done with the giant. >> even though he's going up to bill belichick trying to join chuck noel is the only one to win four poor intoalz, it's a push on sunday. even though coughlin comes across as this hard nose defensive line coach he's always been an offensive coach. he's actually one of the most brilliant offensive minds of his time. charlie he wins too and he wins them under these circumstances. i think it puts them in the hall of fame. >> mike doesn't have field more phone calls about fans who want to fire tom. he's tenure. the giants coach as long as he wants to be. for all the people who wanted him fired, charlie he's safe. >> charlie: what surprises might we see here? special teams, runningbacks? what else might be a game
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changer? >> wl, here's the thing. and you know, you sound like some tortured coach who has been locked in a room watching film when you thank you about turnovers. the giants have pretty much made this run because they haven't turned the ball over. you don't t to play like that forever. charlie, i talk all the time about how random and fragile and wonderful sports is. if a ball dsn't bounce off kyl williams' knee when it does in the fourth quarter, i don't even believe that the giants are here, okay. so ely's been skating by a lot of those wild throws having been picked off. see which quarterback has the first turnover on sunday and it may tell you a lot about how this game's going to be. >> charlie: mike is this as much fun for you as watching the republican debates which you've also been writing about. >> you know charlie, i've been writing, you asked me what i thought about mr. romney's comment about the very floor but
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we'll save that for another day because let me tell you something, if you're going to make me choose between contact sports, i will take giants patriots over romney/gingrich any time. >> charlie: thank you guys. i look forward to sunday. >> thank you, charlie. >> thanks charlie. . >> charlie: we conclude this evening with a valuaon with hamad bin jassim bin jabr al-thani. he was the prime minister of cutter. in recent years his coury has played an increasing role in the mid east region. he's frien with the united states as well as iran and hamas. krurlt has now led efforts by the arab leagu to act on syria. the prime minister has been in new york this week for debate of the united nations on the crises in syria. i spoke with him on wednesday afternoon. the portion of that interview air on cbs this morning. here is the full extended conversation. hub thanhamad bin thank you forg
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this. >> it's a pleasure. >> charlie: you've been out front in calling for something to change in syria. you have some opposition from russia. where does it stand? >> well -- need different numbers. still we are in the text. there is a positive signal from everybody that they know that there is something have to be done. all of them -- the problem which we are looking how is not the same of signal to any party in syria, not to the public, not to the government. at signal give more opportunity for more killing. that's the most important thing we should have time. >> charlie: 68 killed today. >> yes, unfortunately. >> charlie: what can be done.
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>> a lot of thing could be done but the moment what we are seeking, seeking the security council to say for the syrian government that this is, this killing has to be stopped. and this needs one voice from here. and this is what we are seeking. i'm not sure to stop the killing but at least be sure tha the international community is not accepting what happened in syria at the moment. we're not asking for military intervention, but we have to find ways to support the monetary, arab monetary in the ground. right now the violence escalated in way they could not go to monetary. >> charlie: what do you think could make president assad change his mind and stop. >> well i thk if he listens to his heart and his brain, that
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this is people is his people, the syrian people. and i always say that the power you take from the people. the people doesn't want to give you power, you cannot rule with their blood. you cannot rule with their bodies in the ground. i would hate to be in his position to rule in this kind of situation. most important is that he has to realize that the people want something. and he has to find a way to give them what they want at the moment. right now unfortunately that's not happening. and i believe it will happen but soon, better than later because we stop the killingwe stop the bloodshed. and i asked the government to take the necessary steps in this direction. >> charlie: my understanding what you've said earlier is that
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perhaps our country should send troops there to support those who are fighting the regime. >> well his highness the emir makes the suggestion but he does not send to fight with the people of syria as a peace mission. and military peace mission to stop the killing between bot des now. because the people after 11 months, last month and this month, this was revenge and self defending themselves. and this will lead to more violence. but we cannot blame them because they are defebleddin defending s and their families. the suggestion from his highness is to send a peace mission, military peace mission to stop the killing between both sides. >> charlie: do you believe that he can remain in power? >> well, this is up to the syrian people, actually. but i always say any power come
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in this price i think you should not accept it. >> charlie: he should not. >> accept it. >> charl: he should not stay in power. >> yes. this is the prize. i think he should not stay in power. >> charlie: the price to stop the killing is for assad to leave. >> he should do that. >> charlie: the price is for him to leave the country. >> well, i don't want to be in his place toay if he leave the country or step down. that belong to him and to the senior people tsyrian people to. i would not accepted to stay while my people is killed every day because i want to stay in power. i think he should decide to tak brave step to avoid this happening. >> charlie: with his alternative is what happened to qaddafi. >> i don't want to i speculate.
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i wish not. we know the president. we have a friend relationship with him. but the probleme cannot, if we will choose between a person or a nation, always choose the nation, we choose the people of syria. we have, you know, his highness enjoyed personal friendship and he always advise him as a brother. but i think the moment comes that is his own decision. >> charlie: if he makes the decision or the people in syria say those o oppose him say he has to leave the country, could he go to cutter? >> well, i don't want to speculate again. but i believe that anything will stop what we worked hard to do but i cannot make a decision now. the decision has to be taken by
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the government and usually his highness himself and the government about any major step like this. but the main thing is we will have to stop the killing. >> charlie: so you seem to be opening the possibility without a formal offer because you believe he should leave. >> i don want to say i believe that he should leave but i believe that he should take the right decision, if it is to leave or to stenc step down ando make a compromise with his people. i wish it work out between him and his people. we will be very happy to wor out and find a way out of this. but it looks like there is no y out. 123450eu6789 ther>> charlie: te who suggest that you can militarily hang on for a long time. i've seen people who suggest march, april, may, june, certainly lesshan a year. is that your judgment? >> my judgment is any head of
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state will do what he did. i think it will be difficult to say even if he win, what price, the price is killing your people any think this is a very expensive price which any person cannot accept. >> charl: your country cannot -- >> he should not, exact here. >> charlie: the troops are outside damascus. >> yes. >> charlie: which suggests that they are gaining ground. >> yes. last few weeks there is a lot of development and a lot of violence happen. and this showed that these things will not stop that people had decide what they want. but for us, we are sad to see what happened and the killing because i believe syria is an important country in our region and we need a strong syria and
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we have a lot of prosperity which is the best you can go for tourism for business, we want that kind of syria. and what we see now is really sad. >> charlie: it is often sad that you can't wage war in the middle east -- >> i think syria and egypt is very important country in the region. and certainly if they are not with you, i think there is no decision and the middle east could be taken without these two countries, a major decision, i mean. that's a fact. >> charlie: the reality in the region is that cutter is playing a more prominent role. and you have relationships across the spectrum of the united states. with iran and other places. you have relationships with a range of countries. what is your role.
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what do you see for cutter? >> well, cutter is a small nation is looking for peace. first of all we are looking for peace in our range. our rang region is very hot pit politically region. the weather is hot but it's hot for us to stay there. and stability is opposed any car or y military action within that not in our favor or the region favor would like to see peace around us. anthis is our view how we are working. this is hour policy that we are trying to help making an environment where we can live in peace all of us with israel, with iran, with iraq, with yemen, with everybody in the
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region. we would like to find ways how to live together. >> charlie: but it is a reality, a new reality that cutter has a more important role than it has had in the past. does cutter accept that? >> well, everyone will accept if he had better role. that's not the problem. >> charlie: it's human nature. >> yes. but the problem is how to have the right opinion in these areas and these problems in the region. and to have the right is difficult always. we do mistakes sometimes. but we find ourself that we cannot stay and watch what happened around us. whatever we can help of course in a peaful way. we're not a country with aggression. we have only ourself which we
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can provide for anyone would like help from us. that's what we are ing. >> charlie: you point ou what's happening in the region. tell me how you and your government see what's happening in the region. we have something going on in egypt, in syria in t tunisia and libya. they're all in moment of change. how do you see this change? >> i think the change is positive in my opinion. anything in the long range will be possible. i think we need in the arab world change. anchange. i'm not worried from the change. i think it will be healthy change for the people and for all of us. the problem is how we can develop this change positively in terms of the people directly. we don't want the people after three, four years find themselves in a more difficult position than they are now.
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and i believe with less jobs, with less education, less education, this led to what happened and politically also the people is not accepting what they are doing in motes of the arab con-- most of the arab countries because they believe there is principles which we are not taking it seriously in the arab world. we are not taking care about many problems in our regis specially when you see what's going on in palestine, what's going in su sue in s somalia. we need a leadership who can lead. >> charlie: egypt. >> all the big countries without mentioning names. but what is very important that we need a vision. our people need a vision, need a hope. but not false hope. we need a hope with a plan.
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we have to tell them the reality. it's not necessary to tell them we are going to give them this financially. you need to work financially, politically, you need to work in the human side, education, medication. all the other things you need to bring it together and you have to pvide them with a full package of how will be your vision as the government or as a country. >> charlie: i hear you saying that arab spring is about universe al value, it'universaly and control of your o lives and influence within your own government and opportunity for free expression. that's what the arab spring is about. >> yes, and this is how you need. >> charlie: how do you bring it? >> well, we wish that it happened with an agreement between the top. >> chaie: those in power
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and those seeking freedom. >> yes. i think this needs a serious negotiation. it needs a serious dialoe. this will be less expensive, less damaging, less blood. and to find a way how you can integrate the relation between the leader and the people. and the leader should see what their people want. and try to implement it. it's difficult. they cannot do it, they have to be very frank with their people. the people does not want a false promises. they need act. >> charlie: there are other authoritarian regimes in the region as you well know. are they at risk? >> well, anyone is at risk. anyone at risk. but it depends what sort of risk you are talking about. there is people start to wake up and take measures. there are countries that already
12:35 pm
start tibetin taking measures. how to correct their act. to see their mistake more seriously to be more, frank with people, more close withhe normal people. and i believe i think -- i'm not saying this because i'm part of that. the people in the leadership they are very close to each other. it's all sometimes they are very close together. and as you see for example what happened in oman, you can see they take the action and start working, kick almost everybody in the government and correct the act immediately, wisely. >> charlie: would you say the same thing about jarrod. >jarrod-- jordan. >> jordan, m morocco. jordan is in the process to take the same, i don'know what they
12:36 pm
will do but they are looking forward to see. so i believe the monarchy, let's put it this way. they are, they know they want to stay and they know that they are there to sell the people. >> charlie: and they know if they don't change they cannot stay. >> exactly. and for that reason, they want not to please the people but to try to be more close to the people, to try to see what the people want and try to act in their direction. i am not worried from that aspect because i know all the leadership in our region, they are working very hard now to go to that. everyone from his own point o view, it's different. theemand in each countris not the same. the demand is different from country to country. >> charlie: you have seen parliamentary elections in
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tunisia, parliamentary elections. there's some concern about islamism and ill islamist regims coming to power. should anybody be worried about that if they're prepared to participate in the government and look for solution for other people. >> just to follow us muslims. and if they are coming to power by the election, i think we should work on this move. and we judge every government about their act, how they act. if they act accding to the rules, if they help their people, if they develop their country, theshou not be worried. i'm not worried fromhis. so i don't worry about the religion or any government come with 6 the religion. this is healthy to change power. this is a democracy which you always hear talk about, a democracy. if you talk about bahrain and
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what happened in bahrain, i think that needs to have a serious dialogue about both sides, to the government and other parties in a way that therere differences to be sold among them. and i think they are working other governments to do that at the moment as you see the report and other things. and they are progressing in that direction. >> charlie: turkey -- weanlt to cairo and said a secular way is the best way. is that right to urge governments to go forward with? >> let me put it this way. we a in a country which we respect a lot. i respect my religion a lot. i believe there are rules --
12:39 pm
will rule in any country, in turkey, egypt, tunisia or anywhere. let's fake the example of turkey. the government has the kind of religion party and ever was scared when they came to power. now they approve financially, economically they did well, politically they did well and they did no touch the button of- body of the government or the body of turkey. when you say secular you have to accept the others and accommodate the others. but also you have rules and you have to respect the rules of the religion which that's very important because that's what makes a lot of political for some of the leaders before because they thought that they can run their country like any
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european country. we are a different environment, a different rules govern. but it doesn't mean that you have to do either a religion government or secular government. it has to be, you have a constitution, you have to respect the constitution, you have to respect the freedom of speech. you have to respect politically any difference between you and e others. if they are working according to the rules. and to the law. for that, i want to see any government, religious government or non-religious government is to run according to that rules. >> charlie: when you loo at turkey and you look at iran, they are too of the more powerful countries ithe region. they're not arabic countries, yes they are principal players in the region. >> our neighbor iran is very
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close neighbor for us. and i think they have a role in the region, but role not in the region in their policy or we don't impact our policy on them. we have to respect each other. we have to work closely to each other. we have not to do, act which could hurt the other party. either us or them. we have to live in a mutual respect. and if we lose that understanding, n with us, with us we have a good relation with iran but all of us, we reach that conclusion, i think we can live a better life. >> charlie: what would you say to the iranians about e whole issue of the question about their own nuclear program. are the sanctions working.
12:42 pm
would you tell them to be much more transparent about what they're doing so that the welfare of their own people might not be affected by sanctions ainst oil expoarm. >expoarmts -- exports. >> we are against any sanctions if there is no reason. we think the best way to get out of this problem to have a direct dialogue between the unites and an. i think it has t be serious from botsides to reach a peaceful conclusion about any misunderstanding between both parties. >> charlie: you understand that iranians and the united states that they talk person to person not through a large organization. >> this is my belief. >> charlie: whether it's the quartet. >> i believe they have to talker privately. >> charlie: you recommend that to the u.s. government. >> they know my view. >> charlie: i think you went to washington before you came here. what is your relationship with the president, i mean by that you and your government as prime
12:43 pm
minister. >> we have good relation -- i don't have personal relation with the president but we have a good relation. we met him twice and we have a good relation with the united states. we don't agree in everything. >> charlie: what is the biggest disagreement. >> i don't want to go to that detail but in the principle we agree. let's put it this way. the relation is excellent. military relation is good, economic relation is good and education is good and healthcare is good. so we enjoy in general a very good excellent understanding between us and united states. no doubt about this. do we agree in all the details? no. do we agree about all, for example, we have our differences about how we deal with them. >> charlie: i want to come to that. >> so that's one.
12:44 pm
also with iran, we believe that it's a very important as i mentioned to have a dialogue because that's the way which we de-escalate the tension in the region. >> charlie: you have a good relationship with the west and a good relationship with iran. can cutter play a bigger role. >> i don't want to jump to that or put myself or my country in that role but always when we are needed and if there is a role which we can do, we wille very happy to do that. but it has to be -- sometimes you have too many rules. that's part. has to be done properly. and from our little experience now, we don't jump the subject before we know what is what. >> charlie: speaking of iran, what would happen in the
12:45 pm
israelis attack iranian nuclear facilities. >> we disagree. we object to any military action from any to iran. that's our principle and it will stay le this. of course we are watching carefully what happened and this is on the table. but we play that you know we have nothing to say to israeli or to the iranian. we cannot tell them what to do or whatnot to do. but for us we believe this option is not in use. >> charlie: you also have been supportive of hamas, you has been supportive of hezbollah as did iran and syria. >> well, you cannot support and stop. we have a relation with all the countries, all of the groups. yes we have relatns. because we believe we have to talk with everybody.
12:46 pm
also the iran and hezbollah blam us because we talked to the israelis so we have this problem. but for us, we need to hear the view rectly from every party. that's our policy, that's what we are doing and we think this is part of the policy to go forward for the peace because outsolved the problem in the region without comprehensive peace. and comprehensive peace we need to work for it. i know it's not popular what i'm saying now in our region. i know a lot of peop oppose to talk to this part or this part but we believe by talking to every party maybe we can bring them together to talk. >> charlie: not to talk about wiping israel off the phases of the worth to give them the right to exist, reach common ground and solve the pal sustain dwrun dwrun -- palestinian israeli
12:47 pm
issues. they will argue it left gaza and it did not turn out good bause of what happened after that. >> well let me tell you one thing. anyone say to you -- we are not support israel. i believe we have to live together. hamas, the israelis, the iranians, everybody have to live in that region for long me coming. there is a problem. part of the problem because -- part of the problem also from the israeli side, if hamas also there is some grps that they ve to wipe the palestinians out. i will judge hama from their acts. when they say they will accept the land of 67, what it means, who is on the other side. noisrael so that means they don't want to wipe them out they want a border which is
12:48 pm
recognized by the security council and the united nations. yet now the israelis doesn't move after that. from madrid negotiations optimism go up and down up and down. and everybody knows what is the end game. what is the duty, what is the duty of the israeli to give the land of 67. but if we are going as i always say they want to make a discounted on it and they want to take peace from here and peace from here, no one could sign. even if you or me and the palestinian side, we cannot find because it's not belong to us, it belongs to all the people of the palestinian side. imagine if we say no, we need 67 but we need also a little bit from israel. we talk nonsense. nobody can talk about th. then why you talk about the land
12:49 pm
of 67. that's the problem which the ips ra --i rely. they have to take it from their mind. the negotiation could stay 60 years. but i'm saying this without threatening anybody. if we wait 16 years, situation will change. >> charlie the demographics wi change. >> will change a lot and your neighborhood start to change. neighborhood will start to change. they have to think for their generation because they have to reach peaceful solution with that palestinian. >> charlie: that's a ticking clock. >> i believe that. i believe that. and for us, we wish not to see anyone between them. no more killing. we need peace. >> charlie: you wt to see the solution, peace with israeli state and hamas and cause taught and lash -- qatar and iran. >> and normal relatn between arab and israeli. >> charlie: let me conclude
12:50 pm
this with you in a wide range conversation. there was a recent 60 mines profile on your culture. culture is getting a lot of attention is -- cutter is getting a lot of attention because it is a prosperous country, it has enormous plans and investments in its own countries. it has good relationships. it is going to be the site of the world cup which brings much pride to your country. you're doing significant things in education because of the commitment of you and t emir, in medical care. there is a really remarkabl reme renaissance of architecture, education, of planning. give me your vision for this. for cutter a qatar as a place. >> first of all we're working -- so qatar work as unity.
12:51 pm
and our vision is how to use all the wealth for the people for their life, for their future. if you want to start future you need to start education, start medical treatment in the right way. you need to develop culture and you need to develop the country in the right way. with all what you are doing there in qatar you have also the challenge to use the access finance or the, cess mone exceso use for the future. that's what are we are trying to do invest our wealth inside and outside qatar for the future. we know the coil, th oil, the gl not stay. even if it stail stays somethine will come, nobody knows. our beauty is try to work for
12:52 pm
our children and grandchildren, for the generation to live in the same level. the view is how to let the cause target in the same -- qatar in the me challenge. that's our challenge and it's difficult but we are doing our best to do that. and we have plan, we are working on our plan. and we don't hesitate if there is something wrong we change the plan. >> charlie: you also seem to me that it's trying to be a place where there's a huge discussion of international issues. every other month i get an invisittation to parts not in an international discussion. you want qatar to be a place where free flow of ideas take place. >> yes. i think we landed, i have to say happily. we are successful in this that take a place in qatar. people find a ground where they
12:53 pm
find it really where they can talk about the problems in the region. they can talk about economy, about political, about social. so we are happy for that. we have to do that because 15 years or 10 years ago nobody knows where is qatar and we need to straighten them and sometimes they hear and there are many peoplealk about o your country. now qatar is on the map and the challenge now how we can develop this, how we can sustain that. >> charlie: has al jazeera given you additional prestige? >> for us as a government it gives me headache. frankly speaking. makes my life difficult. for qatar, yes, i could say it's
12:54 pm
an added value for all what's happened in qatar, this is part of the added value for qatar. >> charlie: to bring your attention to the region as well for better or worse good things and bad things. >> yes. i think a lot of things started after al jazeera even the media and now there's challenge in the media. >> charlie: finally, you were planning to leave earlier, your trip has bn delayed because the meeting's in the united nations. i just want you to tell me last my final question. what would you hope you will be able to leave here having accomplished with respect to syria. >> well have two hopes or two wishes. first of all this resolution as itappens or not happens that's someing else. of course we would like it to happen. but that's not the end. i wish to see strong syria, the people of syria is very clever people, very friendly people. and i believe syria could be a
12:55 pm
very rich countryith a culture, with the tourism. it's a beautiful country. it's a beautiful cotry and i would likeo see syria for all of us to have a peaceful place where people can meet and people can spend their holidays. that's one thin. and the second thing i hope this does not take long. the third thing, we are not enemy for anybody, even the people in the government, even the president. we have friendship. but we are in a difficult position at the moment. we are in a difficult position. >> charlie: people are dying in the crises. >> exactly. >> charlie: thank you for taking this time. it's good to see you again. as always it's a pleasure to see you and to have a conversation that is vital i think not only to your country but also to the world. thank you very much. >> tnk you. i hope next time when we come we
12:56 pm
have lunch together. >> charlie: i look forward to that. >> my pleasure. m captioning sponsored by rose communications captioned by media access group at wgbh
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